Daylesford is a town that lies at the base of the Great Dividing Ranges of Victoria, Australia. It takes only 90 minutes to drive from Melbourne to Daylesford. Its proximity to Melbourne, natural mineral springs, many things to see and do, great places to eat and drink, makes it an ideal weekend getaway.

Daylesford is famous for its natural mineral water springs. Mineral water of these springs has healing qualities. It is also very well known for its therapeutic benefits that include helping to ease pain and other ailments. That is why thousands of people visit this region every week. Bathing in the region’s therapeutic mineral springs is a perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. 

There are many mineral water springs to choose from. Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa offers many revitalizing and relaxing experiences. That includes full-body treatments, water therapy, facial scrubs and massages, steam therapy. It is sure to make you forget about the world. You can also have a private mineral bath or swim in salt therapy pool. If you want to just sit back and relax, go for the relaxation pool. It is set in front of large glass windows overlooking a beautiful Australian bush.

After a calming morning, visit Lake Daylesford, which is the main attraction here. The best way to see its stunning beauty is to take the scenic walk. It is a place where everyone will have a great time. There is something for everyone. Adults can explore local birdlife, whereas children will love a picnic here. They also have boat-paddling and stand-up paddle-boarding.

Convent Gallery at Daylesford is the most beautiful gallery you will ever visit. They have an incredible history to discover, mesmerizing places to visit, delicious food to eat and enlightening tours to follow. It is so much more than just a gallery and has so much to offer. Taking a tour through their exhibitions is a must-do. They display the artworks of local, national and international artists. 

Wombat Hill Botanic Garden is on top of an inactive Wombat Hill volcano. It has a cooling climate and a pleasant place for a picnic all year round. Take a walk through old trees and admire the beauty of Daylesford. If you are visiting in March, make sure to attain the Chill Out Festival. It is Australia’s largest and longest-running Country Queer Pride event. You can take part in different events, parades, carnivals, concerts, garden parties, concerts and much more. Daylesford Sunday Market, The Mill Markets, Paradise Bookshop are worth visiting. 

Daylesford is a heaven for food and wine lovers. There are plenty of places to enjoy local specialities and gourmet food. You can take Daylesford Macedon Produce Trail to have the ultimate local experience. Head to Larder Cafe for an authentic Melbourne style coffee. You will have a unique shopping experience. Shop for antiques, books, home decor, local produce and much more.  

Enhance your experience by staying at the Lakehouse. It is a perfect location for a staycation. There are an in-house spa and direct access to the lake.