Yarra Valley’s Wine & Wildlife Exploits

Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is one of the world’s premier wine-growing region. It takes less than an hour’s drive from Melbourne. Yarra Valley boasts of world-class wineries, gourmet food, luxury accommodations, scenic landscapes, native Australian wildlife, fresh local produce and vibrant culture.

Yarra Valley promises a day full of unique and memorable experiences. When you have only a day, it is hard to be a part of everything there is to see and do. So even with limited time make sure to take full advantage of Yarra valley’s wine and wildlife adventure. Here are some useful tips to make the most out of it.

The Yarra Valley is Victoria’s oldest and leading wine-growing area. Its cold climate allows it to produce world-class cool-climate wines. The region is famous for the production of high-quality chardonnay, pinot noir and sparkling wine. It is home to over 90 cellar door and many vineyards. Yarra Valley also has a remarkable production of beer and cider. It is famous for its local breweries and artisan cider producers. The best thing about this region is they have plenty of boutique cellar doors. They offer private wine tasting experience, which is unlikely to find in any other wine-growing area.

Yarra Valley offers an endless list of wine tasting tours. The famous Domaine Chandon, De Bortoli, Dominique Portet Winery and Yering Station are some of the must-visit. At Dominique Portet Winery enjoy a Mediterranean atmosphere and peek into workings of their winery and vineyard. Check out the calendar and be a part of their family-friendly food and wine event happening throughout the year. Yering Station is well known for its intimate wine tasting experiences. Visit cellar doors at De Bortoli and enjoy authentic Italian hospitality.

If you are looking for something deeper, and informative De Bortoli’s behind the scene vineyard and winery tour will not disappoint. White Rabbit Brewery, Coldstream Brewery, Giverny Estate, Buckleys, Kellybrook, Hargreaves Hill and Punt Road Wines are some of the great places to go for beer and cider.

Yarra Valley provides many opportunities to get close with native Australian wildlife. Healesville Sanctuary is the ultimate place to come face to face with native Australian wildlife. You will get to see more than 200 species of Australian animals, including the koalas, kangaroos, platypus, dingoes, wombats and emus in their natural habitat. They have various tracks to choose from. Follow the Main Track to see reptiles and amphibians. Woodlands track for forest animals and Wetlands track for waterbirds and frogs.

They have some fascinating shows. The most favourite is Spirits of the Sky. It is a free show that showcases the unbelievable ability of the birds to fly. Other great shows are Tales from Platypus Creek and Land of Parrots. If are interested in learning about all the behind the scene actions and relations, you must attain Keeper Talks and visit Australian Wildlife Health Centre. You can also participate in one of their close-up encounters. In this program, you will get to touch and feed animals like kangaroo, koala, echidna, and python.

End your day with a relaxing luxury spa and don’t forget to bring home Yarra Valley’s fresh local produce.